gRMA - a graphical tool for Rate Monotonic Analysis of real-time systems

The gRMA Logo Welcome to the homepage for the gRMA project. gRMA is a graphical tool for performing Rate Monotonic Analysis. It is being developed by Sam Tregar and will be released under the GNU General Public License for all to use and modify freely. It might even become an official GNU project!

In the early releases gRMA will be of interest mostly to students and developers interested in contributing to the project. Later in its development gRMA might be of use to real-time developers and others who need to analyze the worst-case timing behavior of computer systems.

The first alpha release is here! This release should work on any machine that can run Perl and X-Windows although GNU/Linux is the only OS I know it to work with. Make sure you read the INSTALL file before you email me with problems.

Dowload gRMA-0.01.tar.gz 45k

Also available - the historical review of RMA I wrote (this is in the distribution above, in doc/).

Still have more questions? Visit the FAQ or email me.